Smartt Interior Construction

Build Better,
Build Smartt.

The architecture you need now and future flexibility you’ll love later. Designed to respond to your needs anywhere. From the office to healthcare or school — DIRTT is smartter pre-fabricated construction.

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Flexible, Sustainable & Financially Smartt

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Virtual Reality Tours

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Pairs Well With Architects & General Contractors

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Project Ideation to Completion

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We take the LEGO® approach. Everything connects together the same way, so you can repurpose, reconfigure and renew your space. Universal brackets and plug-and-play power inside the walls support any current or future devices. When a new technology comes along, day-to-day work isn’t disrupted. The new device is easily integrated and the face tile clips on.

Better still, any new innovations we develop will work with your original DIRTT because our mission is to always be non-generational. Your ROI will be A-OK.

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Sustainability today is a no-brainer. We can build for what we need and benefit our planet at the same time. Starting back at DIRTT, we minimize energy, water and waste. We choose materials consciously, like our recycled denim insulation and sustainably forested wood. On site, we’re made to fit, so every smartt job has less material waste.

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