Modular Interior Construction

The old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is completely accurate when it comes to choosing how you are going to build-out space.

By creating beautiful and functional interior space with pre-manufactured, modular elements, particularly ones that support all other elements and are parametrically engineered to integrate with the building  Initial material waste, transportation pollution and sprawling real estate are prevented. But thats just the beginning.

The most important attribute of anything we own, use or buy is that it can stay in use or sustain. Only products embodying this give us the maximum return on investment, the minimum cost of ownership, the least environmental impact… in other words the greatest value. If you plan and design interior space with the underpinnings that business is dynamic, you will have a business asset that allows you to be faster and more agile than your competition.

Physically, a Modular Interior starts off as an empty space with concrete and windows – like every other space. But even at that point you can have flexibility in mind. Movable sprinkler heads, sound-masking for entire space (not just private offices), indirect lights, an access floor with user controlled HVAC and plug & play power and data, modular carpet tiles, modular walls that support all new and any legacy furniture.

Compared to Conventional Construction, this method and these solutions mean a shorter schedule and fewer trades. For that 25,000 square foot project, with crews commuting an average of 20 miles: This would mean 24,450 fewer miles are travelled. Thats a 45% reduction in transportation pollution and petroleum used.