Smartt Design Using Ice

Most people cannot look at a 2D drawing and understand what it will mean to their 3D world. Ultimately they end up with a space that really wasn’t what they were expecting. Often they just live with it. Just as often changes are made, which means knocking down, pulling out and disposing brand new spaces and their infrastructure. More money, and more waste. Clients need to feel confident they are choosing the right solutions for their project. New graphical and interactive technology used at DIRTT allows design professionals to create better spaces while providing a better understanding for the client. We live in a world where the image is king, and because every computer has the ability to play first person, interactive videogames, our computers can now provide a videogame in the design environment.

ICE® software is a graphical tool to envision, specify, confirm, manufacture and install built environments.Better technology makes us better stewards of the environment too. Entire forests are felled for product catalogues  which, by the way, are out of date the day they are printed. Then there are the shiny brochures with their color ink and lacquers  filled with photos we hope will be appealing and provide a hint of what we can make.

ICE software provides visual confirmation completely integrated with product specification, pricing and manufacturing information, meaning design professionals save time and miles travelled for meetings with clients and collaboration with team members. It empowers clients to make decisions faster and with confidence, without a mock up, because they can see exactly what they are getting and for what price.

Aside from saving transportation pollution, design firms provide better service faster and give their clients a chance to truly experience their design.

DIRTTs production facilities across North America virtually eliminate human error because the design done in ICE directly delivers the production instructions. The Smartt Team uses this technology to create a customer experience like no other.